Hard to believe, but we’ve been in the Warehouse for a year now. It seems like just yesterday we moved the first box of diapers in:

IMG_4952 IMG_4958









and look at us now:











I know, right?!?!?   So, in the tradition of first year milestones we present (drum roll please!) our first year in the Warehouse in numbers:

Number of Diapers Distributed: 657,200

Number of Volunteers Sessions Held:  101

Number of Volunteers:  1,200+

Pounds of Baby Formula Distributed: 320

New Programs Started: 1 – The Baby Pantry

Number of Tractor Trailer Deliveries: 4

Number of Partner Organizations Added: 6

Number of Families Helped: 2,500 each month and growing!

When we flung open our doors a year ago we didn’t really know what the response would be.  We hoped it would be amazing but you all have far surpassed our wildest dreams! We have been beyond lucky to have such incredible volunteers make this empty space feel like a home.  Thank you to all 1,200+ of you who came out and spent time bundling, inventorying, pulling, packing, sorting, cleaning, and more.  Thanks to all who bought and brought things to make the Warehouse comfortable for all – from toilet paper to couches, toys to computers!

For me, one of the best things about our move to the Warehouse has been the opportunity to talk to so many people about our work and about the reality of parenting in poverty.  The questions and the conversations have pushed all of us to think about this work in new ways.  We don’t simply serve families in need of diapers; we serve families in need of a place to serve others.  About six months after we opened our doors we had a group of 6th grade girls come in with their moms to volunteer. As I was doing an introduction to DC Diaper Bank I mentioned we were an all volunteer organization and one of the girls stopped me and said, “But you get paid, right?”  I looked at her and said “No, just like you I’m here as a volunteer because I believe, just like you, that we need to support babies and families.”  The girls went on to have a great volunteer session. About a month later I got a phone call from one of the moms in the group. She wanted to learn how to organize a diaper drive and during the call she told me how much the session had meant to her daughter, “My daughter has said several times to other people that she’s someone who cares about families and babies. She’s starting to ask more questions about how we can help families in our neighborhood.  I credit your organization with helping her see herself as someone who can make an impact on others. We’ll be back. Thank you.”

We can’t wait to see what year 2 holds!

Corinne Cannon – ccannon@dcdiaperbank.org