Here’s a quick recap of the articles, stats, and stories making their way around DC Diaper Bank global HQ.

  1. Parents may be spanking less, but yelling more. The Wall Street Journal talks about the aftermath of a shouting match here.
  2. Why do low income 3 year olds hear 30 million fewer words than their wealthier peers? How can we close the Word Gap?
  3. Third grade reading scores can tell us a lot about a child's future success, which is good. These scores in the DC area show a growing income gap, which is not so good.
  4. Mom Time vs. Dad Time - equality and the perception of equality
  5. Is parenting "All Joy and No Fun"? - author Jennifer Senior talks about modern parenting and happiness.
And finally, because it can't all be tough stuff, a few wise words (and songs!) from our fury friends  - 5 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Sesame Street.

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– Robin Leon
DC Diaper Bank