A few days ago Allison Anderson from the Manna Food Center left me a voicemail saying they had a couple pallets of overnight underwear/diapers that they couldn’t use, and she wanted to know if we could.  Having been in the diaper business for a couple years now, I figured I had seen every type of diaper there was, so without knowing exactly what kind of diapers they were I said, “Of course, we’ll find a home for them!”  When I arrived at Manna some wonderful volunteers helped load the Diaper Mobile to bursting with GoodNites – disposable underwear for older children with bed wetting issues.  They were large – the small size fit up to 65 pounds and the large size fit up to 125 pounds.  As we loaded them in I wondered who might best use them.

That question was soon answered. Yesterday I received an email from one of our distribution partners in Manassas, Bull Run Unitarian Church Food Pantry, letting me know they needed larger sizes pretty badly.  Larger sizes are always in high demand across the board, but the reason they were needed at Bull Run was a little different – clients were using the size 6 diapers in place of Depends for their elderly parents.  This broke my heart.  Adult diapers and incontinence supplies are about 3-4 times the cost of baby diapers and the need, often unspoken, is vast.

My carload full of disposable underwear suddenly made a lot more sense.  Next weekend I’ll truck out to Manassas and drop of several hundred GoodNites with the food pantry crew at Bull Run and they will use them for elderly clients with incontinence issues. Not a perfect solution by any means, but far better than baby diapers.

Our thanks to Manna Food Center, Montgomery County’s largest food bank, an organization we hope to officially partner with as we expand.  And thank you to everyone who donates to non-profits across our community – you never know where your good deed is going to find a home.

Corinne Cannon

Founder and Executive Director, DC Diaper Bank