I first met Marie a couple years ago through our annual diaper drive with Gonzaga.  She was a huge supporter of the drive and of this work and reached out to learn how she could help in other ways.  And help she has!!  When we opened our warehouse she was one of our very first volunteers. She is the queen of Tuesday volunteering and has expanded her volunteering to include being an Ambassador and staffing events for us (that’s her on the far right at the Fenton Street Market booth).  She is determined about this work and such a joy to have in the DC Diaper Bank family. We asked her a couple questions about why she works with us….

Why do you donate your time to DCDB?

Why does this issue mean so much to you?  Donating time to the DCDB is truly a highlight of the week.   The need is great and the hands on sorting and organizing is quite rewarding!  As the day of distribution nears and the piles grow, it is a great sense of accomplishment to see how many diapers reach our community partners and the many bundles are truly a beautiful sight.   

I got involved from being on the mothers club board at Gonzaga and loved the idea of the diaper drive for the Gonzaga men for others and decided I could do more to help.  I am currently recruiting Gonzaga moms back to this cause to help in the warehouse!

What do you do when you volunteer for DCDB?

I come once a week and usually start by inventorying/counting any new diapers coming in from drives, ambassadors and other donations that have occurred.   These are organized by size and put in their designated area in the warehouse.

You’ve done so many different things for DCDB – anything and everything at the warehouse, festival tabling, ambassador, etc. – What is your favorite volunteer activity and why?  

Oh gosh, all of it.   I like the quiet (sometimes) of the warehouse on Tuesday mornings and I also LOVE when there are little helpers who love carrying our bundles or are playing in the play area.  I like meeting other volunteers as well.  The tabling at events is fun because it makes you reach out and educate people about the amazing work the DCDB does in the area.  You never know who you will meet!  Being an Ambassador is fun also…my neighborhood has been great and the list serves are super helpful.  I have tapped into playgroups and preschools who want to help this way also.   It is a great way to spread the word.  Our senior center in our neighborhood has been a wonderful resource as well!

What’s the one thing you wish more people to know about DCDB/this issue?

I guess, just that it exists, the needs that are out there and the amazing partnerships it has formed in the community.  After spending two full months on a DC Grand Jury last year that heard primarily domestic violence cases, I listened to so many young mothers that are struggling.  It brought it home for me that we have a responsibility to help and make a difference in our communities.