In our day to day work the families we help are always on our minds.  The moms and dads who call in search of diapers, the little ones who receive formula and wipes during early head start home visits, the young moms who get diapers as part of their medical visits.  Here are some of the stories and words of the families we help everyday…

“My name is A.W. It has been a blessing to receive diapers for my two younger children. The cost of diapers is very expensive when you’re buying for two. I cried recently on a visit to pickup my diapers as I was surprised with clothes, baby food, wipes and formula….Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! The diaper program has allowed me to have money to do laundry or purchase additional school supplies for my older kids. Thank you so much for caring about my community because this is a game changer for moms like me and thanks to your donors who give freely to help those who are not as fortunate. I pray a blessing upon you all and your future endeavors as you expand to other communities.” – Little Lights Urban Ministries

The mother of a teenage girl came in to request diapers for her daughter’s newborn baby (she was still in the hospital at the time and couldn’t come in). This mother’s teenage daughter had become pregnant as a result of rape that had occurred in her home country in Central America and had only recently come to the US to reunite with her mother and rest of her family. Faced with the difficult situation of working through the daughter’s trauma (and the mother’s own sadness at seeing her how her daughter has been affected) and dealing with the stress of the daughter’s immigration status, it was a huge relief for them to receive diapers. The teenager’s mother helps her financially of course, but the mother has other children and family members to take care of, so she is thankful that her daughter can receive the support of diapers for her baby without her having to worry.  – Northwest Center

One mother was able to start a savings account as a result of getting a break on diapers. – Mary’s Center

Now with flu season here diapers are especially important to my families. When the baby gets sick and has diarrhea what is a low income parent to do? They often go through a packet of diapers in less than a week. The last mother I met with was so thankful to have another packet to replace it with. Thank you DC Diaper Bank, for helping sick babies have clean and dry bottoms. – Aspire Health

One single mother we work with is a first time mother of a four month old. She is working and getting her master’s degree while adjusting to new parenthood. Her baby is dairy sensitive and needs a special combination of formulas. WIC only provides one formula and she needs to buy the other. I was able to find several containers of her particular formula at the DC Diaper Bank pantry. When I brought her the containers she laughed in joy and said, “Thank you so much, now I can buy cereal again!” She had been choosing between food for her or formula for the baby. – Aspire Health

The diapers are extremely useful for our clients. One client commented that she often has to decide if she should spend her money on diapers, or on transportation to take her to her UDC classes. – Healthy Generations @ Children’s Hospital

Our families were SOOO thankful for the diapers they received this month! One mother shared on the first night of diaper distribution that she did not have enough money to get diapers for her 2 year old daughter and buy her 7 year old son a much needed pair of new school shoes and the diapers she received through the diaper bank allowed her to do both. – Homeless Children’s Playtime Project

A single mother with a three month old baby came to Catholic Charities to take the breastfeeding class offered by Sanctuaries for Life. A case worker from the Family Center met with her after seeing that she needed additional support. She is currently experiencing depression and trying to adjust to her new role as a mother. She is obtaining her master’s degree online, is currently not working, has no family in the U.S., and few friends. The father is not in the picture and she is in the process of requesting child support. Currently, she receives only TCA and WIC. After two meetings, we assisted her in applying for Food Stamps and the Child Care Subsidy Program. We also did a referral for counseling, switched car insurance company to save her $48/mo, applied for the HOC waiting list, applied for a lifeline phone, and provided her with diapers from the DC Diaper Bank. The case worker also modeled for her how to speak with her doctor and obtained an appointment for her baby the following day since she was sick and not eating well. She was also provided with emotional support and baby care advice. After her first meeting, she came back to the second appointment saying that she left feeling better about her situation and had more hope than before. She left knowing that she is not alone, has someone to call, and that her situation can improve. – Catholic Charities

A parent leaving our center for a charter Pre-K program said: “I will miss everything about Jubilee JumpStart, especially the diapers.” Her child was no longer using diapers when our partnership began, but she loved seeing other parents receive them. She said she felt like diapers are exactly the kind of extra support families get here. – Jubilee Jumpstart

With the start of the new school year several DASH babies were able to start in new childcare classes, arriving for their first day with a pack of diapers as required!  – District Alliance for Safe Housing

One family I gave diapers to this month was a single mother who was recently forced to separate from her husband because of safety issues. She has two children under 3 years old in addition to an older child and has told me how much she appreciates the diaper donations. This mother works part time so that she can give her children enough quality time – something that is greatly needed right now to repair relationships. This month she told me that she feels more confident and is seeing that she can manage on her own. Thank you for helping her put the pieces in place to rebuild. She will return to work full time once the family situation has stabilized.  – Aspire Health

“I only receive 9 cans of formula on WIC and I need help to make it to my next check. Thank you for the formula.” – Mary’s Center

“This is the first time anyone has brought over anything for my baby!”- Mary’s Center