It's time to start talking about period product need, with The Monthly

Families who receive our diapers tell us they have gone without buying period products in order to purchase food or other basic needs. Period product need is often not discussed. What does that mean? It means using toilet paper, fast food napkins, socks, paper towels from public restrooms, or using the same tampon for too long. We can do better than this. Period.

Here’s Where YOU Come In:
We know that this is something we can tackle together and we know you want to help. We’ve got four ways to get involved:

1. Monthly Champion

When you buy period products, throw in an extra pack. NOTE: Pads are requested far more often than tampons. Donate those extra products at one of our 100+ drop-off locations across the region. Or order extra supplies off our Amazon Wishlist and they will come directly to us. That’s it!

2. Join The Monthly Club

Invite a group of friends – for drinks, a playdate, coffee, book club, wine club, gardening club, any club, shopping, museuming, for a walk/run, whatever – doesn’t matter what you do, just invite people you care about and like. Or just add The Monthly Club to a group you already meet with monthly!

  • Ask each person to bring a box of tampons or pads (NOTE: pads are in higher demand than tampons).
  • Commit to meeting with this wonderful group once a month (or on a schedule that works for you – every Monthly Club is different)
  • Donate the extra products at one of our 100+ drop off locations across the region.
  • You’re helping while hanging out with good friends!

3. Host a Drive for The Monthly

Collecting donations on a larger scale is a great way to spread the word about the need for period products. You can make your drive your own – host it at your office, school, gym; make it a competition to see how many products people can donate; tack your drive onto another event like a party or awareness week. We encourage creativity! Once you decide you want to host a drive, we can help you get off on the right foot with a toolkit and answer any questions – sign up below!

4. Monthly Supporter

Make an ongoing automatic donation to The Monthly through our recurring giving program. Donating dollars allows us to get items at a discount through wholesalers and ensures we can stock the most requested items. Head over to our Donate page and subscribe to The Monthly ongoing giving.



Why Period Products?

That time of the month. Menstruation. Period. Shark Week. Aunt Flo…

Whatever you call it, it’s a natural part of life for half the world’s population. Many of us take the tampons and pads we use during our periods for granted. If we happen to be out and about without a tampon or pad when Aunt Flo comes to town, we run to the nearest store to buy our favorite brand. But these products are expensive, and many can’t afford to buy what they need, or any at all. We’re addressing this issue by collecting donated tampons and pads, working with more than forty nonprofit organizations in the area to get these products to the people who need them.

The Monthly is a project of Greater DC Diaper Bank that addresses this need.
We see these small pieces, such as providing a family with diapers or period products, as a piece of the larger puzzle. When financial stress is relieved from one area, a family is able to redirect those resources to something else, perhaps to food, transportation, or savings, which may help alleviate the pressure of poverty and increase quality of life.

Why Period Products?
Menstruation is costly. Not only are tampons and pads roughly $7 per box, but in many states, including Washington, DC, they are also taxed as luxury items. Several recent articles have estimated the “cost of being a woman” at thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

By contributing to the Monthly – through donations, discussions, and community engagement – you can make the DC metro area a better place for all. You’ll help relieve some of the worry, shame, and fear during that time of the month and raise awareness in our community about the social, economic, and health barriers faced by those living in poverty in the our area.

  • We’re shocked they are taxed this way too! Take a look at our testimony to the DC Council to remove sales tax on diapers, period products, and adult diapers.
  • Menstrual hygiene products are rarely donated to shelters and food banks. They are often forgotten and overlooked as being an essential, basic material need for people who have periods.
  • On top of it all, when products are available at these locations, many may be either unaware of their availability or too embarrassed to ask for them, adding another barrier.
  • Just like diapers, tampons and pads are not covered by an assistance programs.
  • Without access to tampons and pads, some are forced to use make-shift alternatives, and are at increased risk for health complications.
  • Want to know more? Check out our post of must read/see articles.

By contributing to the Monthly – through donations, discussions, and community engagement – you can make the DC metro area a better place for all. 

The Monthly Project

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“Half the world’s population deals with menstruation for years of their life; we believe that everyone deserves to be clean, comfortable, and confident every day of every month.”