1102595_631970446827654_1662967511_oSince we started 4.5 years ago we’ve been trying to wrap our heads around a way to get cloth diapers to our families that have the ability to use them. We’ve also talked to a lot of donors who want to pass their cloth diapers on to little ones in need. Today we’re happy to announce a partnership that addresses both needs! We now accept donations of clean cloth diapers at all our Diaper Drop Locations!!  We are working with the wonderful Share the Love Cloth Diaper Bank program to get these donations to low-income families in our area who are able to use cloth.

Share the Love Cloth Diaper Bank is a national program with sites across the country. Volunteers collect donations of cloth diapers and assemble them into sets that are donated to a family for up to three years. Cloth can be a great option for some of our families who have more stable housing and employment. We’re excited to work with Share the Love to cover more little ones!

Please let us know if you have any questions about donating cloth diapers and thanks for all you do to make sure our little ones have the basics to thrive!

Diapers & Love,