Feed your family… or diaper your baby. Could you choose?

Every day thousands of parents across the Washington, DC metropolitan area must ask themselves that question. Greater DC Diaper Bank believes that no one should ever have to make that choice, and with your help, we’re making sure fewer families do. We know that diapers are only the beginning of what our struggling families need — they need comprehensive social services that address a range of issues from food and diapers to medical and mental health.  That’s why we partner with organizations across the region that offer whole family care.  But there’s more that we can all do together.


Mission: Greater DC Diaper Bank empowers families and individuals in need throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia by providing an adequate and reliable source for basic baby needs and personal hygiene products. 

Vision: Greater DC Diaper Bank believes we can create, through actions large and small, collective and individual, a community in which families have all they need to thrive.


Start TALKING about the reality of parenting in poverty.

Corinne Cannon
Founder, Greater DC Diaper Bank