DC Diaper Bank Chosen for the 2013-14 Catalogue for Philanthropy!

A panel of over 100 expert reviewers from area foundations, corporate giving programs, and peer non-profit organizations evaluated over 210 applications; DC Diaper Bank is one of 73 outstanding nonprofits to be featured in print this year.  We can’t get this song out of our head every time we see the Catalogue!  

Now in its eleventh year, the Catalogue’s mission is to connect caring citizens with worthy community causes. According to Barbara Harman, President and Editor of the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington, “Many nonprofits continue to suffer during the slow economic recovery, and the search for support has been intensified by the loss of government (and sometimes foundation) funding. Individual donors can continue to make a real difference, keeping great organizations afloat during these challenging times.”

The Catalogue has helped raise over $21 million (!!!) for small nonprofits since its inception in 2003. After celebrating its 10th Anniversary last year, the Catalogue is poised to jump into a new decade of nonprofit support and community engagement. 

From traditional, direct mail catalogues, to innovative online portals, to special events and social media, the Catalogue’s goal is to build networks of engaged donors and great nonprofits that will make a difference in new ways, on their terms. It also provides charities with a stamp of approval that tells donors they can invest with confidence. 

25,000 individuals and hundreds of family foundations will receive copies of the print Catalogue in November (we’re on page 35!) and many others will visit the Catalogue website (cfp-dc.org). The DC Diaper Bank page on their site is pretty wonderful – we can tell our story through images, videos, news stories, and recruit volunteers!  Getting our work out to all these people is an incredible opportunity for us! 

“Charities were selected for excellence, cost-effectiveness, and impact” Harman said. “These are certainly among the best community-based nonprofits in the Washington region.”

We’re incredibly honored to be considered in such great company and hope you’ll join us at our December Distribution Day on Saturday, December 21st for an open house celebration complete with Cupcakes, Catalogues and Kiddie Cocktails! Email info@dcdiaperbank.org if you can join us!