lisaThings seem to be moving in hyper speed at DCDB Headquarters. The last five years have zipped by (ok, ok, some months have been a bit more of a slog!), and the last six months have been a true whirlwind.   Just to recap, in just the last six months the following has happened: 

– We doubled our Warehouse Space

– Brought on NINE new partners

– Were featured on CNN Heroes 

– Increased our Volunteer Sessions from 11ish a month to 15ish a month (that’s a technical number)

– Got a donation of 1,000,000 diapers from the National Diaper Bank and Huggies 

– Donated our 2 millionth diaper to families in the metro area

WHEW!  That’s a lot!  There’s a thread that runs through the last six months and all these accomplishments – six months ago we hired our first Program Associate, Lisa Oksala. And we’re pretty darn sure that a good portion of our immense success these last six months is connected to her passion and dedication to this work, her ability to organize anything (no, we mean anything), and her complete inability to let obstacles slow her down.  So, in celebration of Lisa’s first six month we queried her about a few things… take a read:

Weirdest donation you’ve encountered:

This is actually a tough one!  Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to identify breast pump parts, especially when not accompanied by the actual pump…


Youngest volunteer you’ve held:

I think I got Nora at 2 months.  But I’m happy to hold younger!  Bring me your babies, that I may sniff at their little baby smelling heads!!!  (that just got weird, didn’t it…)


Number of volunteer sessions scheduled:

May through December = 83


Number of emails answered:

So I went to search my email and it said “1-50 of many” Even Gmail knows it’s a lot.  🙂  449, by final count..


Number of times you’ve told someone you work for the diaper bank and you’ve seen them try to resist making a poop joke:

Only twice!  And only once where they put up no resistance.  But I’m looking forward to more!


Can’t wait to see what the one year anniversary holds! Thanks for all you do LISA!