Read the stories and watch the videos to learn more about Greater DC Diaper Bank and to see them in action.

For Media inquiries please contact: Corinne Cannon at or 202-656-8503

Steve Harvey: Harvey’s Heroes
November 16, 2016
Harvey’s Hero: Corinne Cannon – Providing for single moms

CNN Hero: Corinne Cannon
September 10, 2015
Profile of Greater DC Diaper Bank founder Corinne Cannon and the work of the Diaper Bank.
NBC-4: DC Diaper Bank Helps Families in Need
June 9, 2015
Profile of DC Diaper Bank’s work in the DC metro area.

Inadequate Diaper Supply Linked to Child Abuse, Depression
July 30, 2013
Stephanie Mencimer’s news story discussing the findings of Yale University School of Medicine study. National Diaper Bank Helps Moms
June 16, 2012
In CNN’s Lisa Slyvester’s news story about the impact the National Diaper Bank has on the Washington DC metro area’s mother and children, Slyvester speaks with DC Diaper Bank’s founder, Corinne Cannon about the necessity of diapers.
American Public Media: Diaper Banks Spreading
March 20, 2012
In a story about the lack of government coverage for diapers by Elizabeth Wynne Johnson, DC Diaper Bank’s founder Corinne Cannon talks about the constant need for more diapers.
WJLA ABC Channel 7: DC Diaper Bank Helps Moms
May 6, 2012
Alison Starling takes some time to talk with DC Diaper Bank’s founder, Corinne Cannon, about the organization’s mission and the desperate need for diapers.