DC Diaper Bank is very excited to have a new intern joining us this summer. Over the summer she will be helping us with our social media, our website, researching on diaper need, as well as various other projects that will help our mission. Meet the awesome Arial!

Hello, my name is Arial Leeper and I am very excited to get started with DC Diaper Bank! I’m a senior at Michigan State University studying Interdisciplinary Humanities. Ever since my first missionary trip, I have wanted to dedicate myself to helping children. My interdisciplinary studies have given me a wide variety of skills in human development, global studies and professional writing. I aspire to make a difference in the lives of children, and I am very passionate about helping to support healthy families and communities.

I am very motivated to make a difference in this organization. During my time here I am going to be doing a review of DC Diaper Bank’s social media: Facebook, Twitter account, and website. During my reviews I am going to come up with ideas to make our internet presence even more successful. I will also be researching diaper need to bring together more information to strengthen our cause.

I am also working on an Ambassador’s Toolkit to help out our donors who want to become drop off locations for diapers. This toolkit will provide everything an Ambassador will need to get them started on their mission of collecting diapers for families who so greatly need them.

For such a young organization, DC Diaper Bank is growing very fast! And I am so thrilled to be a part of that.