Love Notes to Parents

Send a message of love, hope, and light to a parent today!
Kids volunteering

It’s not news that parents are struggling right now and while we typically ask for your help in stocking our shelves full of diapers, formula, safe baby gear, and period products – this ask is much different. With your help we’re getting the essentials to thousands of families. But parenting, as any caregiver knows, is more than the essentials. We’re requesting your help in “stocking the hearts” of parents, filling them with messages of hope and love. What would you share with a fellow parent right now?

We’ll be collecting your messages and sharing them in the diaper bags and products that go out the door with our partners and into the hands of moms and dads, grandparents and caregivers who can use diapers but also a hand on their back.

Below is what we’ve already received from parents.

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