Around the holidays, DC Diaper Bank gets inundated with offers from volunteers.  Talk about a good problem to have! We love our volunteers – the first timers, the regulars, and everyone in between, and the holiday volunteer boom never fails to make us smile. It also gets us thinking about how to keep that giving spirit strong throughout the year.

A few tips:

• Make volunteering a habit – as you begin planning your 2014, put regular volunteering on your calendar.

• Budget to give all year long – make a monthly donation (might I suggest becoming a Factor of 12 Donor?), or put a little bit away each month (in an interest bearing account!), and write one big check at the end of the year.

• Plan an event – give yourself something fun to look forward to and start planning a Diaper Drive.

So go ahead, set a reminder, tickler, or alarm to make DC Diaper Bank part of your 2014, and keep that holiday spirit of giving going strong all year long.  If it helps, this July, we’ll play “Let it Snow” at the warehouse.