Host a drive - The possibilities are endless!

A simple Product Drive has the potential to help hundreds of babies and families.

Become a local hero by helping hundreds of babies and families in your community. Hosting a drive, whether in person or virtually with family members, a few friends, or coworkers, can help spread the word about our work and be a fun way to engage. Grab a helpful hand or two and get started!

Product Drives accomplish two major tasks in our work. First, they bring in the items we need for families – baby wipes, period products, hygiene supplies, formula, and of course, diapers! Second, they get people thinking and talking about the realities of parenting in poverty. Wondering what we need most? Check out our Amazon Wishlist!

There’s no wrong way to host a drive – select a time and a place, promote it loud & clear (we’ll help!), and we’ll see you at the warehouse with your haul! Need some ideas? Make it a party and ask folks to bring a pack of diapers as their admission fee. If you’re looking to do a virtual drive, we’d be happy to help you set up a private page to share with your audience, or feel free to use our Amazon Wishlist for your convenience.

Make It a Party If you’re already planning a party ask folks to bring a pack of diapers as their admission fee. What about hosting a:
  • Baby Shower
  • Birthday Party
  • Cocktail Party
  • Just Because Party
  • Game Night
  • Movie Night
  • Sunday Morning Talking Heads Watching Party (this is DC, after all!)
  • Play-date party at your home or a community space
  • Or simply a diaper donation party
Locations Galore So many places are ideal for a diaper drive! Here are some that come to mind right away:
  • Your church/temple/mosque/place of worship
  • Your school/pre-school
  • Your workplace
  • Local library
  • Coffee shops
  • Children’s stores/Boutiques Salons/Spas/Community play spaces
  • Your neighborhood association or block



There are so many ways to host a drive!

Below are some blog posts, tips, and stories on how to hold a fruitful diaper drive:

Hosting Baby Shower/Sprinkle Diaper Drive? Here are a few ideas to get you started and some information to share with your guests: Hosting a Baby Shower for GDCDB

Hosting a Drive with young children at a school, preschool or daycare? We created a few tips on how to talk to young children about poverty and diaper need. Check it out here: Talking to Children about Need

Hosting a Drive at your office? Check out these great tips on Taking Diapers to Work.

Hosting a Diaper Drive in your community or with local businesses? Here’s how one community turned it into a month long affair!

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