We are grateful in ways we can’t even begin to express for all we have received since we began this work.  Our volunteers and donors give of themselves in incredible ways – organizing diaper drives, volunteering in the warehouse, becoming Factors of 12, spreading the word about our work.   We would not be here without support from thousands. 

Every time we meet a new volunteer or a donor we ask a simple question – how did you find us and why are you giving?  The answers make us smile, tear up, laugh and nod our heads knowingly; and they often surprise us.  When I began DC Diaper Bank one of the VPs at the company I worked for at the time handed me a check for $300 with a note recounting when her daughter was young and her family had hit a rough time financially.  The note ended with, “I’ll never forget standing in the grocery store crying because I could buy formula of diapers. Thank you for doing this.”

This Thanksgiving Season and this Giving Tuesday, as you reflect on all you are grateful for, please take a moment to tell us why you give to DC Diaper Bank!  If your family volunteered with us ask your kids get in on the action.  Draw us pictures of why you give.  Hashtag why you give.  Mime why you give.  Here are a few folks telling us why they give to inspire you!