Among the many gratifying moments we at DCDB Headquarters experience through this work, one of the most heart-warming is to witness how easily young children connect with the idea of collecting diapers for babies. The majority of our generous donors are parents who have experienced first-hand the challenges of keeping their babies clean and dry. But lately we’ve noticed that a lot of little guys and gals are getting in on the giving action – helping out at diaper drives and asking their parents questions about diaper donation.

It seems that diaper donation just makes sense to children.  Most, ages 2-8, either remember wearing diapers themselves or have babies in their lives who are still in diapers.  Young children know that diapers are an item that babies need, and some often care for babies as part of their imaginative play.

To honor our littlest volunteers and to help other families who want to inspire a giving spirit early on, we have put together some quick tips on talking to kids about giving and diaper need. 

It’s never too early to involve kids in fundraising activities, and DCDB is forever encouraged and heartened by little ones helping little ones!

Check out the Diaper Drive page for more info on how to organize a drive at your child’s school, preschool, daycare, scout troop or playgroup!