DCDB Headquarters is on Capitol Hill and we here know many, many folks who are shutdown.  It’s a stressful time for everyone we work with — those who donate and those who receive.  The Hill is oddly quiet, the Metro is nearly empty, there’s a lot of tension and worried folks.  Food stamps and WIC funding has stopped and most areas likely only have a week of keeping the program up and running, if that. Our hope is this comes to an end soon, but until it does, here are three easy ways to help DCDB and the families we work with:

1.  Come Volunteer with Us!  We have family-friendly volunteering this coming Tuesday from 9am-1pm at our Warehouse in Silver Spring.  Bring your kiddos, pack diapers with us, and meet some new friends who care about the issues impacting our most vulnerable families.  Give an e-shout so we know you’re coming info@dcdiaperbank.org

2. You Like Us, You Really Like Us!  Give us some link love!  Share our Facebook , Website, or Twitter feed with five people and ask them to stay up to date with us.

3.  Give Us the Inside Scoop!  We are hoping to expand the businesses we work with as diaper drop off spots. Are there family/baby-friendly businesses in your neighborhood that would be perfect as a DCDB donation site?? Let them know about our work and let us know about them!

4. Purge Those Toys!  Have a little time at home right now, have a toy closet that needs some purging?  We could use some toys for our preschool and young elementary volunteers in our Warehouse playspace.  If you have any you’re looking to part with we’d love to take tem off your hands.