GDCDB Statement on Formula Shortage

Greater DC Diaper Bank Statement on the National Formula Shortage
May 11, 2022

Through our Baby Pantry & Essentials program, Greater DC Diaper Bank provides formula to our community partners, with whom we work in tandem to supply vulnerable families with essential hygiene products. Nearly 100% of the formula we distribute is donated by the public. We do not produce or manufacture formula and do not have the ability to purchase it wholesale. We do occasionally purchase formula when funds are available for that purpose, and did so earlier this year, to offset the formula that had to be disposed of due to the recall.

Because of the nationwide formula supply shortage, we are taking multiple actions to ensure that we can continue to provide some level of formula support to our partners to help lessen the burden that the formula shortage is placing on families:

1. We are encouraging the public to continue donating formula if they have extra on hand that they are not using (that is, please not purchase formula with the express purpose of donating it).
2. We are communicating regularly with wholesalers and formula suppliers to receive updates regarding the shortage.
3. We are working closely with community partners to share vetted information regarding equivalent formula brands to the brands we most frequently carry. Currently, partners can receive approximately 250 oz of formula per month which is equivalent to approximately 194 prepared 8 oz bottles. Prior to the recalls and shortage, partners could take on average 500 oz of formula a month from our pantry.

We will purchase more formula as soon as it becomes readily available again.


You can access a PDF version of the statement here.