Some days I marvel at what we’re creating together. Earlier this month I had the incredible pleasure of welcoming six new organizations into our Diaper Distribution Network! As I walked them through the expanded Baby Pantry and the new Warehouse space, someone raised their hand and said, “So this all from donations? And we don’t have to buy the items for our families?” Being able to say “yes” to those questions was a highlight of my month.

The organizations below are doing incredible work to stabilize and support vulnerable families in truly innovative ways – from intergenerational medical care to playtime as a healer, rapid rehousing to established proven parenting classes.

Our partners regularly marvel at the items we are able to provide – diapers, of course, but also pullups, wipes, diaper cream, tampons, shampoo, breastfeeding supplies, and so much more. They marvel at these items because they know, as all of you do, that these “basics” are hard to come by for many families. And that, as one of our donors so beautiful put, “it’s not about diapers, it’s about dignity.”   What do our current partners say?  Recent evaluations of DCDB services by Community Partners yielded the following results:

  • 100% of Partners agree or strongly agree that providing diapers to clients lowers anxiety, fatigue, and/or financial stress among their clients;
  • 100% of Partners agree that offering diapers helps to build trust with clients;
  • 95% of Partners believe that without diapers from DCDB, their organization would not be able to serve clients as effectively;
  • 89% of Partners have engaged with new families/clients because of DCDB’s Diaper Distribution program;

It’s not about diapers, it’s about dignity.

Take a look at these newest members of the DCDB family. We are honored to work with all of them and excited to see what other ways we can say “yes” in the coming months…

– Community of Hope

– Family Services, Inc

Healthy Generations @ Children’s Hospital

– Homeless Children’s Playtime Project

National Center for Children and Families

– SEED, Inc