Community Partner Application Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Partner!  

In order to be considered for a GDCDB partnership, you must complete one of the interest forms by Wednesday, December 9. Remember to complete the form that fits the model you wish to pursue. This form is for those interested in becoming a Community Partner or an Intermittent Partner.

  • Community Partner: monthly, long term partner receiving 5,000-10,000 diapers a month
  • Intermittent Partner: long term, periodic partner receiving up to 5,000 diapers as available

Incomplete forms will not be responded to so please complete every question. 

Please direct any questions to Thank you! 

Geographic Service Area:

Program Service Area:

Organization Mission/Vision:

Are you interested in becoming a Community Partner or an Intermittent Partner? In 2-3 sentences, how will diapers support your organization’s mission?

What specific programs will the diapers be used in at your organization?

Do you have approval from your executive director to pursue this partnership?

How many families do you anticipate serving each month with the diapers?

Does your organization hold 501(c)(3) tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service?

Does your organization gave at least three full time paid staff members?

Is your organization able to designate a primary staff member contact for Greater DC Diaper Bank?

Is your organization able to track and report monthly distribution data for diapers and other items via online tracking system?

Is your organization able to provide Greater DC Diaper Bank items directly to clients through existing programs in the form of ongoing support?

Is your organization able to pick 5000-10,000 diapers up from Greater DC Diaper Bank Warehouse in Silver Spring, MD?