I need a little help!  As some of you already know, I am being recognized by L’Oreal Paris USA as a Woman of Worth.  Out of over 4,000 nominations, DC Diaper Bank made the cut to the top 10.  This means that DCDB gets $10,000 right off the bat, which is great.

But what’s even greater (potentially) is that if I (and DC Diaper Bank) garner the most votes between now and November 21st, DCDB gets another $25,000.

So, do you have one minute a day for the next two weeks to make this happen with us?!?!? What could we do with $25,000?  Well, that’s more than 25% of our annual cash budget – imagine DCDB 25% stronger!  In the short term, $25,000 means we can start helping an additional 400 families every month starting in January 2015!  We had planned to add more partners in the Spring, but this would get us there at lightening speed.

With 15 days to vote, if you spent just 15 total minutes over the next 2 weeks and 1 day we can make this happen.


Through L’Oreal’s website – there’s a wonderful video snapshot of DCDB – you sign up using either your Facebook account or email address.

You can vote once per day, and after you’ve signed up, it only takes a minute.

If you think DCDB deserves this kind of boost, please be sure to vote as much as possible!  Set up a calendar reminder!  If you need someone to harass you daily, I’m more than happy to do so.  Also, tell your friends, spouse, parents, cousins, anyone and everyone!

Thank you all so much for your love and support (especially those who have already spread the word!) – DCDB couldn’t be where it is now without all of your help, and we truly appreciate it.

With love & diapers,
Corinne Cannon
DC Diaper Bank