ISO Amazing People to Join DCDB’s Board!

15208370694_5ab25f1429_zMore exciting news at DCDB Headquarters: We’re looking for some amazing people to join our board starting in July!  Have you volunteered for a while and want to get more involved in our work? Are you passionate about the issues of child and family poverty? Have you served on a board in the past and want to dive into another one?   Are you itching to exercise your professional expertise in a new way? We have truly giant goals for 2015 and we need some energetic, brilliant, tireless, fun folks to help us make these big ideas a reality for little ones and families in need.

As a still relatively young organization, board members participate in many levels of the organization from committees and priority setting for the organization to leading volunteer sessions and fundraising.  We welcome applications from everyone who is interested and we’re particularly looking to bring on board members with expertise in the areas of fundraising, social work, and those with prior board experience.  If you’re interested please download the full DC Diaper Bank Board Application and submit it to by May 11th.  Please reach out if you have any questions.

Love & Diapers,


Share the Diapers, Share the Love

1102595_631970446827654_1662967511_oSince we started 4.5 years ago we’ve been trying to wrap our heads around a way to get cloth diapers to our families that have the ability to use them. We’ve also talked to a lot of donors who want to pass their cloth diapers on to little ones in need. Today we’re happy to announce a partnership that addresses both needs! We now accept donations of clean cloth diapers at all our Diaper Drop Locations!!  We are working with the wonderful Share the Love Cloth Diaper Bank program to get these donations to low-income families in our area who are able to use cloth.

Share the Love Cloth Diaper Bank is a national program with sites across the country. Volunteers collect donations of cloth diapers and assemble them into sets that are donated to a family for up to three years. Cloth can be a great option for some of our families who have more stable housing and employment. We’re excited to work with Share the Love to cover more little ones!

Please let us know if you have any questions about donating cloth diapers and thanks for all you do to make sure our little ones have the basics to thrive!

Diapers & Love,


Thankful for all of YOU….

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have so much to give thanks for at DCDB! In the last year, with help from so many, we have distributed more than 600,000 diapers to families in need and more than 1.2 million to date!  We work with a truly incredible group of Community Partners and we have the absolute world’s best volunteers.  The Baby Pantry is reaching little ones in need of nutrients and has already given out more than 1,000 pounds of formula and food!  On Monday, Corinne will travel to NYC for the L’Oreal event and find out if we’re the lucky recipients of the 24K award! Fingers crossed! Many thanks to those of you who took the time to vote every day and share with your friends and family!

But one of the things we are most grateful for is that each and every day we get emails from all of you asking what more you can do, how else you can get involved. You all just floor us with your generosity.  Thank you for doing so much and for reaching out to do more.  Since you asked, here’s a handy dandy list of 10 wonderful ways to help DC Diaper Bank this holiday season: 

1. Shop!

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support your favorite charitable organization every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization – DC Diaper Bank, of course!

To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to AmazonSmile to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile. It will even remind you for your future shops.


2. Shop!

Love getting those great deals on sites likes groupon and living social? Well, now there’s! Recoup is the first cause-shopping platform that brings consumers, businesses and nonprofits together. Shop for the things you want, save on exclusive promotions and while you support DC Diaper Bank!


3. Become a DC Diaper Bank Factor of 12!

The Factor of 12 is a common measurement on calendars and clocks and in many different situations that manage everyday lives. It is also a cornerstone of theDC Diaper Bank. Just $12 enables the DC Diaper Bank buy almost 100 diapers, through our discount suppliers, and keep a baby freshly pampered for two weeks.

The DC Diaper Bank asks that you make the pledge to give $12 a month (or more!) to create an immense impact in the community. $12 dollars a month to you means three less coffees, one less lunch out, taking the metro a few times to avoid paying for parking. To a mother and her baby it can mean health and happiness.


4. Add a Wish List item to your Amazon Order!

We have a running list of some of our most requested items on our Amazon Wishlist. Wondering what we need most in diaper sizes or for our new Baby Pantry, let our wishlist guide your generosity!


5. Support a Family with Your Kids!

Kids of all ages love to help. Take your little ones shopping to purchase a case of diapers, wipes, a board book, formula (similac advance is needed) and baby soap for a baby in our community. Children love the idea of helping another little one! And to a mother and her baby, it could mean a warm, dry and loving holiday.
6. Is Your Employer A CFC or United Way Partner? 

Add DC Diaper Bank as your preferred non-profit and be sure to recommend that we come to your next non-profit fair!


7. Recycle for DC Diaper Bank!

DC Diaper Bank has partnered with Terracycle to recycle plastic diaper packaging, wipes packaging and baby food pouches. This keeps these items out of landfills, helps DC Diaper Bank raise some funds, and reduces the trash you create. And it adds up fast! Learn more here.


8. Become a DC Diaper Bank Ambassador!

Do you have a little time and a little space in your home to spare? DC Diaper Bank is looking for volunteers to serve as DC Diaper Bank Ambassadors around theDC Metro region! Learn more here.


9. Tell A Friend About DC Diaper Bank!

It sounds obvious but we all know “Word of Mouth” is the best referral.Tell your friends why you love DC Diaper Bank! Invite friends to our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter!


10. Keep on being awesome! 

You’re doing a great thing when you help others in your community. You rock!


Gobble on!

Heather Foley, DC Diaper Bank


Can You Help Us Turn 1 Minute a Day into $25,000 for DC Diaper Bank?!?!

I need a little help!  As some of you already know, I am being recognized by L’Oreal Paris USA as a Woman of Worth.  Out of over 4,000 nominations, DC Diaper Bank made the cut to the top 10.  This means that DCDB gets $10,000 right off the bat, which is great.

But what’s even greater (potentially) is that if I (and DC Diaper Bank) garner the most votes between now and November 21st, DCDB gets another $25,000.

So, do you have one minute a day for the next two weeks to make this happen with us?!?!? What could we do with $25,000?  Well, that’s more than 25% of our annual cash budget – imagine DCDB 25% stronger!  In the short term, $25,000 means we can start helping an additional 400 families every month starting in January 2015!  We had planned to add more partners in the Spring, but this would get us there at lightening speed.

With 15 days to vote, if you spent just 15 total minutes over the next 2 weeks and 1 day we can make this happen.


Through L’Oreal’s website – there’s a wonderful video snapshot of DCDB – you sign up using either your Facebook account or email address.

You can vote once per day, and after you’ve signed up, it only takes a minute.

If you think DCDB deserves this kind of boost, please be sure to vote as much as possible!  Set up a calendar reminder!  If you need someone to harass you daily, I’m more than happy to do so.  Also, tell your friends, spouse, parents, cousins, anyone and everyone!

Thank you all so much for your love and support (especially those who have already spread the word!) – DCDB couldn’t be where it is now without all of your help, and we truly appreciate it.

With love & diapers,
Corinne Cannon
DC Diaper Bank

Welcoming THREE New Diaper Distribution Partners!

 If you’ve been to the Warehouse in the last two weeks you’ll have noticed a little change – we now have one half of the space covered with floor to ceiling diapers! The shelving and the additional inventory was needed because we just brought on three amazing new partners: Polaris ProjectAspire Counseling, and Borromeo Housing.  Each of these organizations works with different vulnerable populations of women and children each will be using diapers to enhance their work. Let me tell you a little about these organizations …

Polaris Project helps victims of human trafficking, many of whom have babies and young children.  Through their drop in center and case management services they are helping women out of circumstances that are truly horrific.  As Ngozi Williams put it, “Our clients face daily struggles that stem from being survivors of human trafficking: unable to obtain legal status to work. lack of higher education to get better paying jobs. and intense emotional and physical trauma from their trafficking experience. Our clients are extremely grateful for the financial and material assistance they can receive that will help them in their journey towards healing. Being able to be supplied with diapers on a regular monthly basis will also help our clients to not feel so helpless in providing for their children’s needs due to their circumstances.” Diapers have been offered at their drop in center for the last three months.

Aspire Counseling provides in home counseling to low-income women experiencing postpartum depression. They provide counseling for several months and referrals to other services and material assistance.  After the fist month of distributing diapers we heard from Clara, one of their counselors, about the impact they were having: “This month I had a case involving a mother that has high risk mental health issues and is involved with Child Welfare. I started to have difficulty maintaining contact but when I mentioned that I had diapers to drop off I got an immediate call back and she attended the session.”   When we talk about diapers as a “gateway resource” this is exactly what we mean.

Borromeo Housing has a simple but powerful  (and proven!) idea, that teen moms who finish their education have many more options for themselves and their children.  They provide housing to teen mothers and their children while they are finishing high school and college.  They also offer an infant care pantry to members of their larger community.  Diapers will help ease the already stretched budgets of these young mothers and will be used an incentive to attend parenting classes.

These three organizations are providing comprehensive services to some of our most vulnerable families and we’re honored to provide them diapers and other baby essentials. They join a network a 18 other social service agencies distributing approximately 75,000 diapers to more than 2,600 each month.  Want to learn who we’re working with? Check out the full roster of our partners.  We’re planning to bring on another three organizations early in the new year – as always, there’s more to come!

Antwain’s Letter

We received this letter from a teen father working with our partner Sasha Bruce YouthBuild program. This unique program “provides academic training toward a GED, vocational classroom training in carpentry, barbering, environmental maintenance and other occupations, on-site carpentry experience and job placement in a variety of high-demand fields. Almost all graduates of the program either continue in higher education or obtain employment, demonstrating marketable skills and self-sufficiency.”  The program includes a lot of teen parents who find that traditional schooling doesn’t fit the reality of their lives now that they have a child.  Diapers are used as an incentive for class attendance and are helping several dozen young parents at Sasha Bruce and their little ones each month.  When students graduate from Sasha Bruce YouthBuild they have a GED, job skills, and training in high demand areas. This is how the cycle of poverty is broken. When Antwain received diapers for the second time for his son he asked where he could send a thank you letter. We are honored, with your support, to help thousands of moms and dads like Antwain.  

Corinne Cannon  –

Antwains essay  (1)



A Year Already?!?!

Hard to believe, but we’ve been in the Warehouse for a year now. It seems like just yesterday we moved the first box of diapers in:

IMG_4952 IMG_4958









and look at us now:











I know, right?!?!?   So, in the tradition of first year milestones we present (drum roll please!) our first year in the Warehouse in numbers:

Number of Diapers Distributed: 657,200

Number of Volunteers Sessions Held:  101

Number of Volunteers:  1,200+

Pounds of Baby Formula Distributed: 320

New Programs Started: 1 – The Baby Pantry

Number of Tractor Trailer Deliveries: 4

Number of Partner Organizations Added: 6

Number of Families Helped: 2,500 each month and growing!

When we flung open our doors a year ago we didn’t really know what the response would be.  We hoped it would be amazing but you all have far surpassed our wildest dreams! We have been beyond lucky to have such incredible volunteers make this empty space feel like a home.  Thank you to all 1,200+ of you who came out and spent time bundling, inventorying, pulling, packing, sorting, cleaning, and more.  Thanks to all who bought and brought things to make the Warehouse comfortable for all – from toilet paper to couches, toys to computers!

For me, one of the best things about our move to the Warehouse has been the opportunity to talk to so many people about our work and about the reality of parenting in poverty.  The questions and the conversations have pushed all of us to think about this work in new ways.  We don’t simply serve families in need of diapers; we serve families in need of a place to serve others.  About six months after we opened our doors we had a group of 6th grade girls come in with their moms to volunteer. As I was doing an introduction to DC Diaper Bank I mentioned we were an all volunteer organization and one of the girls stopped me and said, “But you get paid, right?”  I looked at her and said “No, just like you I’m here as a volunteer because I believe, just like you, that we need to support babies and families.”  The girls went on to have a great volunteer session. About a month later I got a phone call from one of the moms in the group. She wanted to learn how to organize a diaper drive and during the call she told me how much the session had meant to her daughter, “My daughter has said several times to other people that she’s someone who cares about families and babies. She’s starting to ask more questions about how we can help families in our neighborhood.  I credit your organization with helping her see herself as someone who can make an impact on others. We’ll be back. Thank you.”

We can’t wait to see what year 2 holds!

Corinne Cannon –

We are in search of someone incredible and it might just be YOU!

IMG_5280We  are growing and we want you to join us!  We are in search of someone incredible and that might just be YOU!  DC Diaper Bank, as you all know, has grown leaps and bounds in the last couple years – we’re coming up on our first anniversary in the Warehouse, our 4th birthday, and our 1,000,000th diaper distributed (more on all that soon!) and we are so happy to have lots of lots of volunteers supporting this work!

Which brings us to the need for someone to help coordinate all these amazing volunteers — we’re looking for a Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer) all the info is below and attached – please take a look and share with others!  Get in touch if we’re looking for you!

Volunteer Coordinator – Volunteer Position


DC Diaper Bank is seeking a Volunteer Coordinator. This position will help to coordinate and grow DC Diaper Bank’s considerable volunteer resources.  The Volunteer Coordinator’s primary goals are to manage the flow of volunteers and ensure that each volunteer has a rewarding experience.  DC Diaper Bank is an all-volunteer organization and has taken special care to create a physical space where volunteers of all ages and ability levels are welcomed and engaged in our work.  This position is very flexible and extremely rewarding!


  • Respond to volunteer inquiries via email and phone
  • Make weekly volunteer schedule
  • Coordinate with different volunteer groups/providers to schedule volunteer events
  • Initiate strategic planning to ensure sufficient volunteer needs are being met
  • Track volunteer hours
  • Lead volunteer sessions
  • Communicate clearly with program director and executive director
  • Update the calendar on DC Diaper Bank’s website
  • Some minimal data entry

Requirements: To qualify for this opportunity, volunteers must:

  • Feel comfortable working in a fast-paced, grassroots environment.
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills with attention to detail and creativity.
  • Have previous experience supervising and/or leading teams, organizing and managing projects, and/or building community partnerships.
  • Be able to commit 8-12 hours per week. There is no overall length requirement, but we prefer volunteers to commit a minimum of 9 months.
  • Be available to lead volunteer sessions on some evenings and weekends.
  • Have transportation to our Warehouse located at 8858 Monard Drive, Silver Spring, MD and our Headquarters at 315 12th Street, NE.


  • Submit a resume detailing previous leadership, management and communications experience –
  • Conduct an interview with Executive Director

About DC Diaper Bank

DC Diaper Bank’s mission is to strengthen families by providing a reliable and adequate supply of diapers to families in need in the Washington metro area.  We work with an incredible network of 18 social service agencies to reach more than 2,500 families each month with 75,000+ diapers and other baby hygiene items.  Founded in 2010, the Diaper Bank has distributed more than 1,000,000 diapers in the last 3.5 years.  Learn more

A Whole Lotta Thanks!

May was an amazing mont h for DC Diaper Bank’s newest program – The Baby Pantry: Food & Other Essentials. And we have eight area Whole DCDBinfograph2014 (1)Foods Markets and their customers and staff to thank!

While diapers and wipes are always our most needed items, our families often struggle with other essentials to help their babies thrive. When we announced our plans to expand our offerings, eight Whole Foods Market stores stepped up to ensure that our shelves were full for the launch. Each weekend throughout May our amazing army of volunteers spent time greeting customers and collecting donations to fill our shelves so that we could launch this exciting program with sufficient inventory to serve our 18 Community Partners across the DC Metro Region. And right now, they are gloriously full!

Thank you Whole Foods Market Friendship HeightsSilver SpringBethesdaTenleyArlington, P Street,Kentlands, and Rockville for hosting us!  Thank YOU to all the folks who generously donated baby essentials they no longer needed and those who purchased new items to donate at the register! We are so excited and thankful for the opportunity to be able to share the work we do with these amazing communities and help lots of families in need thrive at the same time.

Drum roll please! Together we collected:

  • more than 10,000 wipes
  • nearly 8,000 diapers
  • over 2,000 jars and pouches of baby food!
  • Plus baby books, formula, cream, shampoo, toothbrushes, potty seats, toddler underwear, toddler snacks, thermometers, rice cereals, sleep sacks and so many more essential items for families.

To see what each store location collected, be sure to visit their Facebook page and leave them a comment about just how awesome it is to see great business’ partnering with non-profits to help those in our communities.

Of course, our shelves won’t stay full for long. Help us by spreading the word to others (here’s a Baby Pantry Flyer to help!) and donating items. Please only donate items that you would feel comfortable giving to a friend or family member or, of course, your own baby!  Items can be dropped at any of our Ambassador Locations or our Warehouse.  If you have a question about a donation please contact us at 202-656-8503

Heather Foley, Board Chair