Join our Baby Benefactors Club

Our Baby Benefactor Club was created to recognize and thank some of our very generous supporters – those who make an annual one-time gift ranging from $500 to $5,000. Having access to diapers, formula, and personal hygiene products (period products, incontinence items, toothbrushes, etc.) keeps families healthy and happy – and no parent or child should have to go without these essentials. As a Baby Benefactor, you are ensuring the approximately 32,000 families we serve each year are receiving the hygiene products they need.

Check out the list of full benefits, read the letter from our inaugural member, and join us as a Baby Benefactor! If you have any questions about the Baby Benefactor Club or would like to upgrade your benefactor level, please contact Senior Director of Development Elissa Taylor-Bustillo.

Thank you to the following Baby Benefactors who help make our work possible!*

*Note only Benefactors at the Car Seat Champion level and above receive their name listed on the website. Please contact Elissa Taylor-Bustillo, Senior Development Director, if you note any inaccuracies in your name listing.

High (St)Rollers ($2,500 – $5,000)

Abigail Rybnicek

Ann Chernicoff

Bert Wyman

Chas Eberle and Ali O’Donnell

Chloe Hensold

Danielle and Jesse Smallwood

Daphne Kiplinger and Dave Steadman

Eli Dickinson and Katharine Zambon

Elizabeth Cole

Ellen and Tom Dwyer

Hastie Afkhami

Hilary Dengel

Janis Warren

Jessica Rydstrom

Judith Herr and Ruth Samuelson

Karen Osae

Katie Pahner

Kimberly Gladney

Kindy French and Emanuel Friedman

Laura and John Arnold

Lesley Reynolds

Margaret Crandall

Margaret Upshaw

Marian Drazin

Melissa Longo

Michael and Anna Rose Riccard

Michael and Kathryn Hanley

Michele Hansen

Michelle Armstrong

Mike Berman

Nicole Kaeding

Patricia Beneke

Paul Gallant

Peter Fedders

Phillip Herndon

Rebecca Chestnutt

Richard and Jacqueline Boak

Sabrina Rose-Smith

Sarah Close and Chimnay Hegde

Stacy and Matthew Frazier

Todd and Katy Spangler

Car Seat Champions ($1,000 – $2,499)

Aaron Flyer

Aaron Rabinowitz

Adam Hoffman

Adam Schwaber

Adam and Emily Berman

Adrianne Marsh

Alan Click

Alexander Silbey

Alexandra Connor

Alexandra Hoskins

Amy Upshaw

Andrew and Elise Goldstein

Andy and Kelly Steggles

Angela Joyner

Anil Murjani

Anita Weber

Ann Lefert

Ann O’Brien

Anne Baker

Arati Jain

Arthur Lorton

Batya Abelman

Beatrix Milde

Becca and Josh Flyer

Becky George

Ben Gittleson and Rachel Gevirtz

Benjamin Berkman

Benjamin Weinstein

Blair Levin and Patty Friedman

Brenda Gruss and Daniel Hirsch

Brian Munden

Brian Roth

Brian Tatum

Bridget Coyne

Britt Mceachern and India Mckinney

Carl P. Leubsdorf

Carol Melton

Charles Roh, Jr.

Charlie Hess

Christine Riley

Christopher and Sarah Mills

Colleen Clark

Connie Heller

Corrine and Chuck Fields

Cory and Melanie Funkhouser

Courtney Collins

Craig and Erika Singer

Dana DeLorenzo and Michael Osborne

David Lehn

Ed Weklar and Kum Kang

Eli Hopson and Sarah Preis

Elisabeth Nguyen

Emily and Adam Berman

Emily Heath

Emily Stopa and John MacMillan, Jr.

Emily Ullman

Erica Burns

Erin Colleran

Eva Temkin and David Lehn

Gary and Elisa Bowman

Gilbert Watson

Heather Bramble

Howard and Leslie Stein

Jane Schapiro Brown

Janet Weiss and David Kinder

Jasmine Dimitriou

Jeanne Asher

Jeffrey and Erin Snow

Jennifer Cassell

Jennifer Ellis

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Webb

Jessica Pagel

Jill Meyer

Jim and Sonia Shelton

Jim Webb

Joanna Strait

Johanna Chanin

Jonathan Puth and Mira Courpas

Jonathan Rogers

Joshua Tauberer

Judith Bernsen

Judith Rippeteau

Judy McFadden

Julia Preston

Karen Wiedemann

Katherine Bradley

Katherine Halliday

Katherine McKnight

Katherine Trefz

Katherine Turner and Theodore Schroeder

Kathleen Zeifang

Kathryn O’Brien

Kathy Loden

Katie Aber

Katie Kondub

Kimberly Tilley

Kris Meade and Rose Kehoe

Kyle Mceachern

Laurence Platt and Claire Herington

Lina Landsman

Lisa Kohn

Lisa Megna

Lorraine Sostowski and Robert Booth

Luca Bertazzo

Lynn Dommel

Mahnu Davar and Tricia Beckmann

Marilyn Joy Leeseberg

Mark Testoni

Marla and William Magner

Martha Adler

Matt and Bridgette Kaiser

Matthew Hanson

Maura McKnight

Maureen Shea and Kenn Allen

Mary Rose Conroy

Megan Bormet

Melissa Farrar

Melissa Sanabria

Meredith Richards

Meri and Scott Kahan

Michael Dillon

Michael Sawyer

Michelle Price

Mikela Hurley

Nadine Hanna

Natalia Sitnikov

Nate and Jane Green

Nicholas Margida

Norman Asher

Pamela and Paul Brye

Pamela Citron

Patricia Mcguire

Patrick McCabe

Paula Kowalczuk

Pete Larkin and Barbara Power

Peter Tucker

PJ and George Siegrist

Rachel Jacobs

Richard & Frances Silbert

Richard and Jill Meyer

Robin Terrence

Ronald and Betty Denk

Sadina Montani

Sara and Kiran Adland

Sara Poehlman

Sarah McRae

Scott and Mara Jaffa

Scott and Rochelle Hodes

Shannon Barna

Shannon Mok

Sophia Khan

Spokane and Focarazzo Family (Abbe, Lauren, Nate, and Aviva)

Stanley Besen

Stephanie Marc-Aurele

Stephanie Paul

Stephanie Schwartz

Steven Moss

Tarek Ghani

Terrance Green

Timothy and Judy McCormally

Valerie Block

Yolanda Gawlik

Yoni Saad