We received this letter from a teen father working with our partner Sasha Bruce YouthBuild program. This unique program “provides academic training toward a GED, vocational classroom training in carpentry, barbering, environmental maintenance and other occupations, on-site carpentry experience and job placement in a variety of high-demand fields. Almost all graduates of the program either continue in higher education or obtain employment, demonstrating marketable skills and self-sufficiency.”  The program includes a lot of teen parents who find that traditional schooling doesn’t fit the reality of their lives now that they have a child.  Diapers are used as an incentive for class attendance and are helping several dozen young parents at Sasha Bruce and their little ones each month.  When students graduate from Sasha Bruce YouthBuild they have a GED, job skills, and training in high demand areas. This is how the cycle of poverty is broken. When Antwain received diapers for the second time for his son he asked where he could send a thank you letter. We are honored, with your support, to help thousands of moms and dads like Antwain.  

Corinne Cannon  – ccannon@dcdiaperbank.org

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