Recently, DC Diaper Bank had the good fortune to be a part of a 5% Day at Whole Foods Market Friendship Heights. These community giving events allow Whole Foods Markets to partner with local groups to address causes important to their employees and shoppers.  During our 5% Day, five percent of the day’s net sales were donated to DC Diaper Bank. You read that right – 5%!

The event raised nearly $5,000 for DC Diaper Bank and lots of awareness about diaper need and parenting in poverty.  We talked to hundreds of people about our work and collected a few hundred diapers as well.

A HUGE thank you to the amazing folks at Whole Foods Market Friendship Heights for welcoming us with open arms, helping to spread the word about this need, and donating some much needed funds to this work.  More on the many ways Whole Foods does community giving can be found here.

It also got us thinking – what if we all gave 5% every few months to causes and issues that we really cared about?  5% in donations sure, but what about 5% in other things?  5% of our time.  5% of our thoughts.  5% of our conversations. What could that do to change our community?  We are lucky because many of you already give DC Diaper Bank 5% – and MORE!  As you’re going throughout your day today maybe think about what those “other” ways to give 5% might be.