If you’ve headed southbound on North Capitol Street, then you know it’s a scenic drive. With the US Capitol straight ahead and both new and old office buildings on either side, it’s clear that every day things are happening in DC. You may have also noticed Gonzaga College High School on your drive. And, if you missed the school itself, you can’t miss the droves of teenage boys adorned in purple walking from Union Station to school every day. For four years, I called Gonzaga home, screamed for their sports teams, and studied diligently. Now, as an alum, I’m as proud as ever of the Gonzaga Community.

Last month capped off the second annual Men for Others Diaper Drive and the results were impressive to say the least. This year the Gonzaga community came together and donated over 10,000 diapers to the DC Diaper Bank to support babies and families in need in the DC area! Spearheaded by the Gonzaga Moms Club, the drive took on a life of it’s own as all membersof the Eye Street Community got involved.  This year’s drive nearly doubled last year’s efforts.

This is just one shining example of the amazing impact that a tight knit and driven community can create. If you have a group in mind or are part of an organization that can really make a difference, please reach out to the DC Diaper Bank and let’s see what our communities can really do or check out the Diaper Drive Toolkit.

John Cannon

DC Diaper Bank Board and Gonzaga Class of 2001